The International Council for Diplomacy and Dialogue (ICDD) has been formed to express the needs of the “people” in the midst of crises. Composed of analysts, activists, diplomats, scientists, scholars, journalists, and educators, our organization is committed to facilitating negotiations between political rivals, serving as an unofficial conduit where official contact is impossible, and participating in international forums. ICDD administers symposia and meetings, consults on political issues, generates agendas for dealing with complex issues, and brings together the most unlikely partners. Officially recognized by the European Union, the United Nations, and UNESCO, our organization is working with representatives of civil society in many states around the globe. Our principles and commitments speak to the pursuit of peace, human rights, social justice, economic equality, and saving the environment. In cooperation with you, ICDD hopes to make the world a better place, and it strongly believes that it is possible.