Erdogan is pushing an agenda inside EU countries to instrumentalise Europe's muslims to leverage his power in Europe, threaten European leaders and challenge some of the basic principles of European society: secularism, peaceful neighbourly relations, freedom of the press. Enough is enough.


Erdogan’s expansionist & interventionist policies during the last decade have resulted in, inter alia


  • Incursions into Syria – liquidation of Kurds
  • Human Rights abuses in Turkey – oppression/torture/imprisonment of journalists/opponents
  • Unilateral policy on oil exploration v Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, and continued illegal occupation of Cyprus – danger of armed conflict
  • Interference in Libya
  • Spreading anti-western pro-Islamicist propaganda via huge mosque building programme and financing of NGOs
  • Conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque
  • Active support of Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas/ISIS – support for terrorists
  • Links with Pakistan – as partner for nuclear weapons programme
  • Using Azerbaijan as a proxy to ‘ethnically cleanse’ Armenians in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region
  • Imposing restrictions on freedom of speech by seeking to control social media platforms
  • In total Turkish troops are present in at least 13 countries: Cyprus, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Albania, Lebanon, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sudan, Qatar, Afghanistan, Somalia